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Frequently Asked Questions
Question: “I'm looking for a quick fence quote”. How much do you charge per linear foot?

Each job site is unique and priced based on the amount of materials required, current cost of materials, access to digging location, and location of utilities.  We are happy to make the trip out to estimate your project in person. If you would like an idea, please use the ‘Estimate Calculator’ which can be found on our website.

Question: How much do you charge to replace 4x4 fence posts? “I only need 1 post replaced”.

We charge $350/ per post.  That includes materials and labour.  We have a 3 a post minimum policy.

Question: “I just need post holes dug and set”. Do you offer this service? How much does it cost per post?

Yes, we do offer the service.  We do not charge by the post for this service. We charge an hourly rate of $250 for the first hour and $200 for each additional hour, not including material cost.  We will provide utility locates from Ontario One Call.  You are responsible for any demo, disposal, or materials such as posts and concrete for the project. Alternatively, we can provide this at your request.

Question: How many posts can you dig and set in a day?

There are many variables to be considered as all sites are different. Some factors to consider are accessibility, location of utilities, and type of earth at the digging site.  We will work as efficiently as possible to set your posts correctly. We have hydraulic augers that we use to help us work efficiently.

Question: Can you break down the labour cost and material cost on my quote so I can decide whether or not to buy my own materials for the project?

For estimates and invoices, we do not breakdown the costs. We are happy to provide a cost for labour only if you choose to provide your own materials.  There will be additional charges added to your bill if we need to buy additional materials for the project that were not adequately provided.

Question: What is the maximum height you can build my fence?

The answer to this question depends on the bylaw in your town.  For residential fences, we are commonly restricted to a 6ft fence board with a maximum of 1 ft top trim or lattice to extend the height.

Question: “Is it worth getting 6x6 posts instead of 4x4 posts”. What is the difference in price?

6×6 posts will provide additional rigidity and durability to your fence.  The difference in cost is approximately $50 per post depending on the current lumber prices.

Question: My pressure treated fence post cracked after installation. Is that normal?

Pressure treated fence posts and all other pressure treated wood absorbs a significant amount of moisture during the manufacturing process. It’s usually installed wet and will dry within a couple of weeks of installation while exposed to the air and sun.  Warping and cracking may occur during this time, and that is outside our control.

Question: Do I need a permit to build my deck?

Yes, it is recommended that you get a permit for any new deck projects if the scope of work falls within the requirements set in the bylaws of your township.  Most town websites have bylaw specific information.

Question: Do you subcontract your work to other businesses or contractors?

No, we do not subcontract our services.  All work is completed by our in-house staff.

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